Disabled guests & carers

We have done everything we can to make the trail accessible for as many people as possible, but as a natural woodland we are limited as to what is achievable.

As a pop-up attraction only here for the summer, we aim to leave the woodland as we found it.


West Midlands is not suitable for prams, buggies or wheelchairs.
As a pop-up attraction we have a duty to leave woodlands how we found them.
Due to the nature of the location we are sorry but this location cannot be adapted to accommodate.


The track 1 km in a natural woodland and is suitable for a rugged wheelchair when the track is dry. The track has some inclines and more hill areas and we would consider it to be 'off-road' rather than a finished path.

The person pushing the wheelchair would need an average level of fitness to assist.


To book head to www.totallytickets.co.uk - here you can book your passes for all your party at a time convenient. Book for all guests less the carer. Once you have booked, drop us a line at bookings@totallytickets.co.uk with your booking reference and we will add in the carers passes - there is a limit of two carers passes per booking.

Documents showing proof of care-giving may be requested on site.

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